Welcome to HawaMa

HawaMa is a sister company of PureSEEN Belgium, a global brand which is highly recognized with providing green solutions though its proven Air & Surface purification.

Solutions that impact positively and economically on current and future worldwide concerns: Health, Energy and Environment.

We have studied with our partners what nature does to destroy organic pollutions by reproducing natural processes through advanced green technology, we have brought to the industries earlier experiences which have enabled us to better deliver potential and application of green technology to a wide array of industrial and domestic problems on a large scale. This gives us a strong technical edge over our competition and allows us to build a broad range of support services on a national and international basis.

 Together with dedicated specialist companies we have built channels to market and service clients from the largest major corporate to the smallest domestic household, offering advice on all aspects of air and surface purification, sterilisation and disinfecting.